Give me hi five~☆ Rearea♪& Cocoa♪


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New departure♪

I came out of a long tunnel today♪
A shoulder lightened and was used to a smile(^^)
I who was true came back.
It is already all right♪

Rearea♪ drive will go! ! !


テーマ:ダックスフント大好き♪ - ジャンル:ペット

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How much should spend time?

It is a day of going to hospital today.
[I do not want to go!!!] and repulsion are always caused in me.

It is said to a doctor that
it is impossible to go home for a visit to a grave to Kagoshima
in the present state though the day after tomorrow
is an anniversary of a death of father.
Though it is the day when it is important for me. . .

The days when I am alone and continue taking a rest in Tokyo.
I am lonely. Uneasiness. I am sad. I am hard. . . . Tears fall.
I want to say a lot of complaints.
But, at the side of Rearea♪, I do not want to say.
It is the only partner whom it rescues it,
and I should protect that there is Rearea♪ together.

When I do not do my best!
You must not give it up!
Time should make me a cheerful body according to the cause by all means.
I will believe it and myself.
It will come true sometime.
A wish will come true by all means sometime...

Surely it is all right...Rearea♪


テーマ:病気と付き合いながらの生活 - ジャンル:心と身体

  1. 2006/09/27(水) 00:18:03|
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☆Dinner tonight☆

I tried to make handmade dinner and snack tonight.
A snack is Tips of a sweet potato.
Soup of the milk base that the dinner put a sweet potato, a cabbage, a carrot, tofu.
When were you more delicious when you looked when you ate absorbedly?

Rearea♪ which seems to be satisfactory after a meal.
Does not a stomach somewhat bulge?(^^)



テーマ:ダックスフント大好き♪ - ジャンル:ペット

  1. 2006/09/25(月) 18:35:42|
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The splendid sea

Rearea♪ supports me till now.
She is healthy and always waves a tail cheerfully
and a feeling is bright and can become it.
She loves the sea.
She enjoys it than she takes it to where.
When I am young, the sea is the important place
that learned splendor in spite of being father and play for me.
Is it which I was taught by father handed down to Rearea♪?

One flake in Kugenumakaigan.

テーマ:ダックスフント大好き♪ - ジャンル:ペット

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